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Questions regarding disnake.ext.commands, disnake.ext.tasks and disnake.ui belong here.


This content has been taken directly from the documentation, and inherited from It will most likely be rewritten in the future.

Why does on_message make my commands stop working?

Overriding the default provided on_message forbids any extra commands from running. To fix this, add a bot.process_commands(message) line at the end of your on_message. For example:

async def on_message(message):
# Do some extra stuff here

await bot.process_commands(message)

Alternatively, you can place your on_message logic into a listener. In this setup, you should not manually call bot.process_commands(). This also allows you to do multiple things asynchronously in response to a message. Example:

async def whatever_you_want_to_call_it(message):
await do_stuff_here()
# Do not process commands here

Why do my arguments require quotes?

In a simple command defined as:

async def echo(ctx, message: str):
await ctx.send(message)

Calling it via ?echo a b c will only fetch the first argument and disregard the rest. To fix this you should either call it via ?echo "a b c" or change the signature to have "consume rest" behaviour. Example:

async def echo(ctx, *, message: str):
await ctx.send(message)

This will allow you to use ?echo a b c without needing the quotes.

How do I get the original message?

The Context contains an attribute, message to get the original message.


async def length(ctx):
await ctx.send(f"Your message is {len(ctx.message.content)} characters long.")

How do I make a subcommand?

Use the group() decorator. This will transform the callback into a Group which will allow you to add commands into the group operating as "subcommands". These groups can be arbitrarily nested as well.

async def git(ctx):
if ctx.invoked_subcommand is None:
await ctx.send("Invalid git command passed...")

async def push(ctx, remote: str, branch: str):
await ctx.send(f"Pushing to {remote} {branch}.")

This could then be used as ?git push origin master.

Which components can I use with modals?

The only component that can currently be used with modals is TextInput. The API does not have integration for any other inputs as of now.

Do modals support autocomplete?

Modals (or text inputs) do not support autocomplete. This is a Discord limitation.