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Interactions here refers to client-integrated elements that a bot can create - giving users a way to interact directly with your application. Currently, interactions can be classified under three categories:

Slash Commands Intro Image

Slash Commands

They can be accessed via the textbox, and return the values the user submitted with the command.

Context Menus Intro Image

Context Menus

They are available under Apps in user/message context menus, responding with the resolved user or message on which the action was taken.

Buttons Intro Image


They refer to views, buttons and select menus that can be added to the messages your bot sends.

Interactions and Bot Users

Interactions are essentially webhooks under the hood (and responding to interactions doesn't require a bot token). Thus, you can have an interaction-only application that can be accessed by users without having a bot user in the guild.

Since disnake is primarily focused on using the gateway events, you will still require a bot user. You can check out other libraries like hikari for utilizing this feature.